Fire on the roof of Jackson Bakery on Stone Road, Sept 3rd 2020
By Fire Chief Stephen Andrews
September 4, 2020

Barnard Fire Department

Yesterday was another testament to the partnership and teamwork the Town of Greece fire districts exemplify on a daily basis to keep their residents, businesses, and visitors safe.
Just after 1400 off-duty Lake Shore Fire District Firefighter Todd Kleeh was leaving Triano’s Meat Market on Stone Road when he observed roofers working on the roof of Jackson’s Bakery next door at 614 Stone Road. The roofer’s appeared to be trying to dump water onto the roof, were yelling, and were hastily asking for more water. When Firefighter Kleeh noticed the action of the roofers he also observed smoke coming from the rooftop which was worsening. Observing there was a fire, Todd got in his vehicle and drove around the corner to Barnard Fire station and notified the on-duty staff of the situation.
Barnard Fire units responded immediately and were on scene within minutes. Assistant Chief Dorgan was the first one on the scene and reported smoke showing from the roof of a commercial structure and requested the balance of the assignment be filled out bringing Ridge Road and North Greece fire units to the scene.
An exceptionally quick notification, response, and action prevented the fire from worsening and contributed significantly to the lack of fire spread into the actual building itself. While the damage to the building remained minimal, a small quantity of smile cookies were lost.
Jackson’s Bakery has been a staple of the Greece community for nearly 70 years producing the highest quality cookies, breads, pastries, and cakes.
The Barnard Fire District would like to sincerely thank the Ridge Road Fire District and the North Greece Fire District for their excellent work fighting this fire and the Greece Police for traffic control during the incident. We apologize to the anyone traveling through the area for the traffic disruption caused by shutting down Stone Road but it was necessary in order to get water from the nearest fire hydrant.
(article authored by Ridge Road Firefighter Alex Kurgan )

Units: E-223, Sq-2216, R-228
Mutual Aid: Mutual assistance from Ridge Rd E-253 and North Greece Q-270 & E-274