News 8 First Responders Spotlight presented to Barnard Fire District
By Fire Chief Stephen Andrews
March 6, 2023

Letter of thanks to Barnard Fire Department for services to Beatrice Place.

On behalf of the residents of Beatrice Place the Resident Council wishes to thank you for the
many services your Fire Department provides to us.
The most frequent service is response to emergency calls for health issues that may require medical
assistance, Illnesses or injuries that may require first aid, or more serious issues that might
require CPR and/or transportation to Hospitals in the area.
Sometimes the emergency may only require assistance to help a resident get up from a fall. Then an
assessment for any injury that might have incurred. Those calls are always met with a quick
response, and well trained members of your organization.
In addition, your Fire Department conducts regular safety inspections of our Facility,
presentations on fire safety, fire drills, and even on site sessions for the residents to have
their Blood Pressure checked.
What a great feeling it is to have such a group of personable, well­ trained men and women in our
community that have taken our residents under their wing and treat us as family!