2019 Fire Safety Educator
By Barnard Fire District
April 21, 2020

The Barnard Fire Department wishes to congratulate and are very proud of Firefighter Dean Smith for being awarded the 2019 Fire Safety Educator of the from the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY).

Dean Smith started in the volunteer fire service 30 years ago with the Barnard Fire Department Explorer Post 507 and graduated into the fire department upon turning 18. He was appointed to the fire Prevention Committee and quickly excelled in this role. As we progressed from “fire prevention” to “fire and safety education”, Smith continued to build the program and relationships with the Greece Central School District and students. Dean continued his passion for the fire service and became a full time firefighter with the Ridge Road Fire District. He stayed with Barnard FD as a life member in order to continue his work with the fire and life safety education program.

In Recent years, Dean was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This unfortunate turn of events required him to retire as a career firefighter. However, despite his health issues, he has continued to thrive and excel in his role as Barnard FD’s Fire and life Safety educator.

Dean is a master at talking to children in a way they can understand. His voice is always calm and reassuring when talking about a topic that may be frightening to children. He plans activities that are age appropriate, fun and allow for movement instead of just sitting and listening. Dean’s lessons have a huge impact on the students and their lives, He also has been a resource to teachers.

Over his many years in this position, Dean has become a Fixture in the community. The children know, love and trust “ Fireman Dean”. When he walks down the hallways, he is met with smiles and hellos from the hundreds of student he impacts each Year.